Denture Repair

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Many dental appliances, even dentures, require repair. The material they’re made from can erode or fatigue. A denture fracture isn’t unusual either, especially for an appliance that has been in function for some time. The longer a denture is worn, the more likely it will merit a visit to your dentist for denture repair.

denture repair at avant dental clinic kolkata
A variety of circumstance can lead to a damaged denture and should be addressed immediately. Repairs restore a fractured or damaged denture close to its original condition
Reasons for the rebase procedure may include:
  • Broken or damaged denture
  • Weakened or old pink denture base
  • Replacement of an immediate denture
denture repair at avant dental clinic kolkata
Repair of denture can either be Relining- where the inner linner of the plactic material is replaced which gets worn out overtime or it can be Rebasing- where the teeth in the denture are still in good condition and have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material.
denture repair at avant dental clinic kolkata

It is important to be careful while handling dentures. Dentures can slip out of your hands quite easily. Avoid dropping the denture in the sink, or have a towel underneath it when cleaning it.

It is advisable to periodically check for wear and fatigue to ensure its fit is maintained.