Tooth Jewellery

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What is it?
Tooth jewellery is an accessory placed on the front portion of your tooth. This style craze lets you express your individuality through your smile, making it more unique and fashionable. There are many different designs to choose from, and you can take your pick depending on your mood, or what you wish to express with your smile.

A small gem or precious metal charm can be adhered to a tooth and it can either be there temporarily or can last as long as you want it to. They don’t cause any permanent damage to your teeth and are 100 % reversible.

You can have your birth stone, your favourite colour, or a charm that represents a hobby or element of your personality.
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How long will the tooth jewel last?
If applied according to our instructions on a natural tooth, it will stay on until you decide to have it removed again. Based on our experience it will certainly stay on for 6 months up to a few years.
Can I feel the jewel on my tooth?
Jewels are only 0.4 mm or 0.9 mm thick and 1.8 mm to 3 mm in diameter. Initially something on your tooth will feel different, but a few days after the application you will get used to the new feeling.
Does the jewel impede brushing?
No, the gem will not make any difference regarding dental hygiene. However, it is recommended not to use an electric toothbrush for the first 24 hours after the jewel has been attached.
What if the jewel falls off and I swallow it?
The jewels are tiny acrylic or glass crystals or gold. They have no sharp edges. It will basically come out “the natural way” the same as it went inside your body.
Can I still have my teeth cleaned by my dentist?
Yes, you can and should still have your teeth cleaned by a professional. Jewellery will not cause a problem for the hygienist cleaning your teeth.
tooth jewelry at avant dental clinic kolkata
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