Gum Cleaning

Gum Cleaning or Deep cleaning focuses on cleaning of the supporting gum and bone around the teeth.
Tartar, bacteria, and debris can naturally collect on the tooth and under the gums. If they aren’t removed, they can eventually cause swelling in the gums, tooth decay or tooth loss.

How do tartar and bacteria build up on teeth?
Plaque forms constantly on our teeth. It is a sticky film composed of sugars and bacteria that is fed by our saliva and the foods we eat. Tartar is simply hardened plaque. It forms when plaque isn’t removed and is allowed to pile up on the tooth.
Why do I need a deep cleaning?
As plaque and tartar get below the gum line, where we can’t see it, regular flossing and brushing can’t fight it. So, a professional deep gum cleaning is required to remove the built up debris.
If left untreated for long, gums tend to swell and recede, detaching from the tooth which could lead to loosening of teeth.
What is the difference between a regular cleaning and deep cleaning?
During a regular cleaning, we clear away plaque, calculus, and any debris at or above the gum line.
In deep gum cleaning, all the plaque, calculus, and debris from below the gum line is removed, and the roots of any affected teeth is smoothened and planed to eliminate bacteria. An antibiotic may also be prescribed to help fight the infection.
Deep cleanings are typically performed during two appointments, one to two weeks apart which helps the gums to heal and return to their normal position.
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In order to prevent plaque from accumulating it is important to:
  • Thoroughly brush twice a day, making sure to clean every surface of the tooth.
  • Floss at least once a day to get the plaque that has collected between the teeth or under the gum line.
  • Avoid starchy, sugary foods – especially sticky ones.
  • Get regular dental cleanings and exams to professionally maintain your teeth.
gum cleaning at avant dental clinic kolkata
gum cleaning at avant dental clinic kolkata